Sunday, March 22, 2009

lolly + gag

it's just that kind of weekend: so very weekendy. a saturday filled with enough sunshine and free time to play with the kaleidoscope; to experience light and mirror and symmetry as they create colorful design in their tiny playground.

to see beautiful spring create colorful design in our giant playground.

to lean against an old door, casually sip a chai tea, gaze at the blue of the sky and daydream about warm days to come. (and not think about work, recession, war, conflict, etc.)

to wonder how something can be so yellow. what scientific fairy magic happened here? how is yellow this yellow actually possible?

to score cheeky vintage record albums at the thrift store to hang as art. a lollygagging weekend allows enough time to sort through the thousands to find just the right combination of color, design, humor and sauciness.

and we still have one entire day left to do more of the same.

happy sunday.