Monday, March 16, 2009

lush + plenty

"abundance beckons as a state of mind, beginning with gratitude for what you already have and followed by a vision of what you want to create in your life."
~gail mcmeekin, 12 secrets of highly creative women

I have to hand it to gail on this chapter. I had lost a bit of enthusiasm for the book after secret #5 and she really didn't capture my interest again until this week's secret (#10): living in abundance with positive priorities. kismetically* speaking, it appeared at a time when I needed a sort of realignment in my perspective.

in lisa's sparkly basket of plenty:
  • not one, but two great jobs.

  • down time

  • choices

  • a healthy body that wants to be more so

  • a camera that sees the world like I do

  • a husband that gushes over every single thing I create (even the ugly bits!)

  • true friends, near and far**

  • scissors, glue and lots of magazines to make:

  • a garden

  • an endless supply of wanderlust

  • an endless supply of wonder, questions, curiosity, imagination

  • good handwriting

  • three dogs that fight over who gets to lick my tears

  • and so much more goodness and light that I know better to be stuck in a funk longer than one day

what's in your sparkly basket of plenty?

*I made this word up. I kinda like it.

**this means you.