Wednesday, March 25, 2009

on mistakes

tiny b talks a lot about perfection.

actually, he talks a lot about the acceptance of imperfection. and how I find this concept so challenging. he is forever reminding me to be more accepting of flaws, mistakes, myself and others. I agree with him that mistakes are necessary learning tools in the progression toward enlightenment. the operative word being learning. I am grateful for most of the mistakes I've made in my life and what they have taught me. I put a lot of effort into not repeating them.

but what of those who make repeated mistakes (and I'm not talking forgot-to-pay-the-phone-bill mistakes here)? you know those people who never seem to learn and who expect forgiveness because somehow they think they have this universal get out of jail free card? or those who play stupid and we all are all embarrassed for them as they walk away secretly smiling because they caused some havoc and got their way? or what of those with personal agendas, malicious intent or just plain mean spirits? it's so easy for people to mask these things behind, "oops, I made a mistake." they throw their hands up in the air and act all confused as the rest of us clean up the mess.