Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a little atlanta

a long weekend in atlanta was filled with lots of fun and color. clear skies, underwater worlds and glass sculpture spoke mostly blue.

this little one was fascinated by the ethereal creatures at the aquarium.

this east atlanta village facade would look at home in sunny spain.

one word: chihuly.

atlanta is a lot like los angeles. it's huge and spread out and made up of a hundred quirky neighborhoods. I could happily spend a lot more time exploring. it's got all my favorite things: old diners, classic neon, vintage shops and streets full of happy diversity.

  1. art house theatre
  2. a rainbow of vintage frocks at so rare in decatur
  3. ria's bluebird cafe is my new favorite breakfast place in the whole world
  4. more at ria's
  5. fish tacos and organic margarita at holy taco in east atlanta village
  6. guess what this is
  7. toy rickshaws at so rare (and now I'm kicking myself for not buying one for the yard)
  8. old school stand-alone urban outfitters (remember back in the day when you didn't have to go to the mall to shop UO and anthropologie?)
  9. georgia aquarium
  10. at ria's (really, I did more than eat)
  11. mesmerizingly beautiful jelly fish
  12. more chihuly at the atlanta botanical garden
  13. a storefront in east atlanta village
  14. silk lanterns
  15. coffee is just better
  16. at a classic diner. the majestic is just that.