Tuesday, July 29, 2008

eccentric glamour

I love this book by simon doonan. it is hilarious, cheeky and really offers some great life advice. the gist is to discover where you are within three main categories of unique style: the gypsy, the existentialist or the socialite. and then embrace everything about it, fearlessly showing the world that real glamour is about being who you are. mr. doonan really is an expert on what constitutes real style and is so very tired (as I am and I'm sure you are) of the ubiquitous fake boobs-tan-teeth-hair definition of beautiful. he encourages to be yourself, only bolder. and different in a world of sameness.

after some soul-searching, I am proud to declare that I am an isadora gypsy/rive gauche existentialist. I think. I just know what I like and want to express, but it was challenging to define it (simon's descriptions provide guidance). it helps to find a few style icons to look up to. here are mine:

  1. suzanne pleshette, especially as emily hartley on the bob newhart show. she was the first character I wanted to be like (smart, sardonic wit and that deep sexy voice; independent, but supportive).
  2. kiki de montparnasse (artsy and a little bit dangerous)
  3. audrey tautou as amelie (quirky, cute, whimsical and those clothes!)

shopping today with these parameters in mind.

have you read the book? if so, what is your style? if not, who are your style icons?