Monday, July 28, 2008

hi-ho, hi-ho (not!)

ok, these guys are clowns, not dwarfs, but you get the gist.

as I start my second week away from work, I continue to have mixed feelings. mon dieu, I'm so freakin' complex!

let me explain that a two-week vacation is not handed out easily in my field. you pretty much have to receive a fully purchased, non-refundable, non-transferable two week surprise vacation to croatia to score 14-days. I guess I've paid my dues. either that or they became concerned that I was going to start showing up wearing a flaming red tutu with a sex pistols tee and speaking less-than-perfect french liberally sprinkled with f-bombs. so, I really need to be doing some serious disengagement, relaxing and recharging to make it worthwhile come next monday morn.

so, here's where the question comes in. does bored = relaxed? because I'm bored. grateful, but bored. and I can't figure out if it's an adrenaline addiction or because I really and truly love what I do.

here's how bored I am: yesterday, I perused the internet a few precious hours for the perfect recipe for homemade english mead. I had this entire plan (in my own head of course!) for my mead-making enterprise which included hand-painted labels (lady lisa's libations? no?) on blown-glass corked bottles (blown and corked by me, of course), which I would happily cart (in a wooden cart, pulled by a white goat, adorned with bells and flowers) to renaissance faires throughout the land. it was all so good-queen-elizabeth, until I learned that the whole mead-making process can be a bit complex. complex really ruined my fantasy. and I haven't been to a ren faire since I dated a sca guy in my 20's. suddenly, the red tutu and sex pistols tee seems so normal.

there you have it.

merry-making of a different sort: I've just been given my very first official photography and graphic design assignment. I am to design three posters and the season brochure for ken's theatre department. yes, it's nepotism. and yes, it's for free. but still merry, no?