Saturday, July 5, 2008

saturday stuff & second chances

one thing I love about a 3-day weekend is that saturday isn't as rushed as it normally is. often I awake on saturdays with an urgent anxiety about how in the world I am going to finish my tasks for the weekend and squeeze in a little fun and relaxation (so essentially, it's pretty much a work day). today is different. I awoke feeling calm and happy, with some mild anticipation, not anxiety. I still have a to-do list, but got a substantial lot of it done yesterday.

another reason for my easy eagerness is that it's the beginning of july, which to me is like a second-chance new year's resolution time (being the start of the fiscal year and all). in true lisa fashion, I can't even remember what all my january resolutions were. I am certain they included some sort of healthy-fitnessy-organicy proclamation (and I would grade myself a C+ in that area so far). I do recall that I included something environmental in up plastic grocery bags. here, I get an A+. I love my trader joes shopping bags and use them diligently. recently, I've also committed to not driving my car on sundays. we'll see how that goes.

creative exploration was part of the 2008 self-improvement package as well. so far, I started this blog, which I LOVE doing (and I love connecting with all of you!) and picked up my new camera and started capturing my world through the lens. photoshop is my new bff. now I want to get some real artistic instruction via a class or workshop. I want to figure out a way to arrange my life and work so that I can attend squam in september. are any of you planning on or thinking of going?

I'm curious what you have in mind for your july new year re-do resolution...