Thursday, July 24, 2008

theatre widow

first, let me say that I feel grateful that I do not have to endure hours of sports-watching, team cheering, face/chest painting, beer-guzzling and all the other silliness that goes along with typical male interests. you see, my dear husband is a theatre man. actor, director, designer, builder, teacher: he does it all. during the school year, I play second-string to the hours upon hours he devotes to enriching young creative minds. I can normally count on summers to have him all to myself.

not this year. he was cast in two productions as part of the blue ridge theatre festival. for weeks, he has been gone to seemingly endless rehearsals and now performances. while I love that this is his thing and I support him wholeheartedly, I can't help but feel a bit neglected. it's hard for me to smile and be enthusiastic while he relays stories of the stage. he is so thrilled by her and so devoted. he will never tire of this mistress.

last night, I watched his performance in the bluest water and my heart swelled with pride and love. to see this man I love transform into another person and tell a story so sad and so deep makes it all worth it.

(photo courtesy of news & advance)