Friday, July 18, 2008

indulge in the bright side

so lately I have posted a few ideas and goals about moving ahead, but I seem to be battling a very stubborn streak of inertia. I can't seem to mobilize. it's not a funk or disinterest, just a weird comfortable malaise. I am stuck.

as of this evening, I am off work for two (count 'em TWO) glorious weeks. there are no long trips planned, no preparing for out-of-town visitors. just time. time to regroup. I have a list of mostly fun, simple and restorative things I want to do. normally, I would free myself from obligations on a staycation. not this time. organization, discipline and movement are key to move me to a brighter existence.

day one/saturday: a short drive to charlottesville for a NIA class and the beautiful farmers market.

what would you do with two indulgent, yet focused, weeks to regroup and recharge?