Saturday, August 8, 2009

the answer

{ the questions}

can I create the life I truly want?

am I ready?

am I afraid?

am I brave?

will I redefine?

will I reinvent?

will I share?

is it going to be the most amazing, slap-happy, rollercoaster-wild, awe-inspiring, what-just-happened-here, turn-it-upside-down ride ever?

care to join me?

(and one more question: do we think it's time for another happy week?)

we say yes to happy week! the week of august 17? six days of posting about the people, things (simple and grand), ideas, rituals, dreams that bring light and happiness to your life. get your cameras out. I'll do a blogroll on the side bar to share our little network of sunshine. let me know in comments if you'd like to play along.