Friday, August 7, 2009

five senses friday


I'm heading to richmond today for a free friday. above is my anthro shopping list (well, probably not the bag...jeez can I like a bag under $300?!). I'm also hoping to see lots and lots of things to spark my interest in taking a photo since I've been feeling way uninspired in this area lately.


one word: kuba-kuba. or is that two?


I am especially loving the feel of gripping a steering wheel and writing on paper with a pencil right now. but not at the same time.


craving the beach and all those lovely memories evoked by the scent of salt, sea, sand and suntan oil.


voices in my head (the good kind!) laying out the choices of paths ahead. I'm listening closely.

have sweet, sweet weekends my friends!


alteredstatesstudio said...

you are sooo dang adorable! i love your shopping list- especially the shoes! they are to die for!! good luck shopping- i am so envious! totally enjoy your freebie day!!

erin said...

oh, those shoes!

Kamana said...

i love those shoes... and the bag. although not so much the colour.

Xin Lei said...

Happy shopping Lisa....Anthro is one of my favs too!

curious girl (lisa) said...

lucky for my checking account, the store did not have the shoes or the rainbow dress. and the bag, kamana you are right, it was quite unattractive in person. but I still walked away with good stuff to celebrate the end of a successful shopping hiatus.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Ohaawww I love the bag too, since I am dealing with the same probleme here maybe we can by bags together and share the cost? Awful how expensive nice things are.

kendalee said...

GREAT list, as ever. I love the voices. And that you're listening to them...

Joanna Goddard said...

those shoes are adorable :)