Friday, August 21, 2009

happy friday

tuesday and thursday nights you can find me in pilates class. I recently found myself back in the class after several years' hiatus. I really can't tell you why I stopped. I love it. there is something about the concentration and control and preciseness and discipline that makes me feel like a real dancer. my class is small and intimate, usually four or five students and a very mellow teacher who gives just the right vocal direction so you're not always having to see what she is doing to follow along.

the rest of the week I reap the benefits. movement is more certain and more graceful at the same time. I don't have to remind myself to keep my shoulders back and my head level. pilates leaves me with a stability to my presence, both physical and mental, that keeps me grounded, balanced, light and ready to leap through life.

happy friday loves!

(I've had a few crazy days and I hope to have time tonight and more this weekend to travel around the happy 'hood. see you then.)