Wednesday, August 12, 2009

wicked happy

when I shot this photo, I was wicked happy: beer in hand, romping and revelling in a brief and fun stint in the land of youth, listening to the bright talent that is the sunshine and happiness band. (funny thing...a photo of the event ran in the local paper. there were sally and I, standing on a rising above the crowd of tattooed 20-year-old hipsters, me with my camera, sally with pager and cell at hip. we looked like proud parents. or chaperones. or security.)

here's the goods on happy week: starting monday, post a photo (yours or otherwise) and words on your blog about one thing (person, idea, thought, etc.) that makes you happy each day through saturday. if you'd like to be a part of the fantabulous network of happiness, leave a comment and let me know (if you already let me know earlier, I got you, but feel free to reiterate...). I'll post a blogroll on the sidebar so we can all romp and revel in some shared joy.