Friday, August 28, 2009

five senses friday

  • did you see it? that subtle shift of the light from summer bright to autumn demure? it's my absolute favorite atmospheric experience.


  • still grooving on summer's bounty of health and goodness: tomatoes and nectarines are my new best friends. I'm still training myself to (mostly) stick with locally-grown organic produce, cheese, meats and other products. lucky for me, our little 'burg has a great farmers market and a lovely little shop that specializes in this area.


  • some written words were meant to be spoken. one of my favorite storytellers is pat conroy. I'm reading his new book south of broad. I cozy up in bed at night and the story insists to be read aloud. the prose is lush. so much so that it compels me to use my voice as if reading a play. there is laughter, shouting, moments of quiet and the trembling hush of speaking aloud a tragic secret kept hidden for years. and it gives me the opportunity to practice my soft southern accent (which is quite lovely and different from the harsh variety so often heard around here).


  • I am loving all things honey-scented: this and all of these, especially the body cream. oh and this too. yum.


  • always included in my sensory-fest associated with all things autumn is the anticipation of wearing coats again. I needed a new (two sizes smaller!) peacoat and just purchased this one (in rust). its wool is soft and formidable at the same time. coats and scarves and hats leave me feeling protected and safe and I can't wait to go through my days sheltered away beneath their luscious armor.

here's to a beautiful weekend for us all.