Friday, October 23, 2009


this week's chapter of the joy diet is all about risk. in most areas of my life (professional, play, adventures, speaking out, style), I am pretty comfortable with risk. the one place I am frozen with fear and mistrust is relationship. I've been working on identifying those connections between my grown-up self in relationships and the attachment style I had as a child with my primary caretaker. it's amazing how the dynamics of that primary relationship shape how I form and maintain (or not) my adult relationships. it's fascinating and eye-opening work.

I am embracing the advice to take at least one risk per day. so far, these have been in relationship. it hasn't been easy. the instinct to protect myself at all costs creeps in so naturally. those things I so casually considered risky before...public speaking, launching photography endeavors, introducing myself to a stranger, creating this blog, getting tattooed, entering a crack-infested gang house to check on a child, etc...all pale next to the true bravery it takes to simply say what I feel to the person who matters most.