Friday, February 26, 2010

dear blog

so I realize that I am the one who made this commitment, but seriously I didn't realize how spending every single day together would begin to annoy me a wee bit. it's not that I want to break up or anything like that. it's just that I come here and there you are, all blue and bright and happy. and I'm like, "jeez, I have nothing."

our relationship is a bit like a marriage. we work well together and stick it out through good times and bad. but this whole blogging-everyday-for-a-month thing is beginning to feel like we went on a month-long vacation together and are staying in a really small hotel room with just a narrow walkway around the bed and are getting sick of hearing each other breathe.

sometimes I toy with the idea of flirting with younger, hipper blogs and wonder what it would be like.

this morning I have to remind myself that I am with you for a reason. that I chose you and you chose me. that we compliment each other. that sometimes I don't agree with you and I love that that challenges me to think and feel in different ways. that you ask that I create and celebrate what I bring.

so here I am. you're on my nerves. but I'm here. because I love you.