Friday, March 5, 2010

five senses friday*

  • a new vision for the family room...the colors of seaglass
  • lonny magazine
  • beautiful colorful functional bags for my camera and lenses and a new baby to look through? enter the best giveaway ever sponsored by epiphanie


  • the open road calling my name


  • anticipating the sun's debut this weekend with a giant stack of catalogs, magazines, gardening books...I can already feel the warmth on my winter-parched skin


  • to celebrate holi in my own little western way sans a colorfest, I improvised the traditional celebratory drink thandai: almond milk, honey, rose water, pistachios, cardamom, pepper, poppy and anise seeds. I threw it all in a blender with some ice and it is officially my new favorite thing


  • I woke this morning to the scent of coffee brewing mingling with the jasmine and hyacinth blooming on the window sill

for each of you, I'm wishing a beautiful day experienced with all five senses fully alive.

*five senses friday inspired by abby (I love to visit and swoon over her lavender blog banner).