Sunday, March 14, 2010

sunday randomness

  • spending time in a big(ish) city is good therapy. there is no chitchat. absolutely none.
  • when a good chunk of actions you take for a living can appear to be destructive, it's good to counter with huge bursts of creation.
  • healing can occur while facing a giant wall of sparkly beads (beauty, possibility, creation, imagination and on and on and on...).
  • my parents should have named me stormy or tempest or passion. lisa implies neutrality, restraint, temperateness. totally misleading.
  • the cheese stands alone. as does that greybrown donkey in the pasture of white cows.
  • tiny road trip=dreaming of big road trip.
  • two hours south, there is an entirely different season happening.
  • spring forward. say bonjour.