Sunday, April 12, 2009

accidental luminescence

my camera keeps finding mini rainbows inside the house. maybe it's the new table?

years ago in a yoga class, I learned a visual breathing exercise called "firefly breath". certainly, I've distorted it over time, but it goes something like this:
  • close your eyes and center
  • inhale and imagine you are a huge wave, building size and strength at the peak of its power, just before crashing
  • exhale and imagine golden light pouring from your being, illuminating from your every pore
  • repeat three times

I do this exercise on a regular basis, often in the elevator on the ride to my office. I vary the color of the light depending on my particular needs at that moment: teal for peace, white for clarity, raspberry for a kinder-than-red "don't mess with me" vibe.

this light here, with it's gentle power and rainbow flare, will be added to the repertoire.

{rainbow bright breath}


Vsmajyk said...

Love this physical visualization, plus it is aptly named -- "firefly" -- although they are small beeetles (we called them lightening bugs in the South) they are very powerful. Who would have thought that this tiny bioluminescent insect could change our world? All of the manmade florescent objects are due in kind to research on the chemical properties of bioluminescence in these magical creatures! I am going to try this meditation for sure!

kendalee said...

Oh, rainbow firefly breath - how wonderful! I do a similar exercise but I've never thought of drawing on rainbow light. It seems so apt for a curious girl who seeks out light and colour in her world... No wonder those rainbows are finding you!

cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

Wow... you captured my attention and I love this "firefly breath" excercise you have shown me. Thank you for sharing this.....

.....mmmmm "rainbow firefly breath"

Lisa, this is a beautiful photograph....... looks like a flower in heaven!

Shannon said...

Oh! That picture took my breath away. And the breathing exercise - perfect!

Thank you!

Dagmar said...

What a great WAUW moment. The flowers looks so fragile and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your great great work.