Sunday, April 12, 2009

accidental luminescence

my camera keeps finding mini rainbows inside the house. maybe it's the new table?

years ago in a yoga class, I learned a visual breathing exercise called "firefly breath". certainly, I've distorted it over time, but it goes something like this:
  • close your eyes and center
  • inhale and imagine you are a huge wave, building size and strength at the peak of its power, just before crashing
  • exhale and imagine golden light pouring from your being, illuminating from your every pore
  • repeat three times

I do this exercise on a regular basis, often in the elevator on the ride to my office. I vary the color of the light depending on my particular needs at that moment: teal for peace, white for clarity, raspberry for a kinder-than-red "don't mess with me" vibe.

this light here, with it's gentle power and rainbow flare, will be added to the repertoire.

{rainbow bright breath}