Monday, April 13, 2009

project mood lifter

sometimes a perfectly gorgeous april sunday does it by itself. other times, I need a plan. the project list on this particular weekend involved garden stores, books, writing assignments, catching up on long-missed blogs. all of these things (in addition to those posted yesterday) contributed to a lighter spirit and the ability to smile true. but it was the planting that pulled most of the weight.

I started small with the herbs and annuals destined for the empty rainbow of glazed ceramic pots that have been waiting patiently all winter, safely tucked away in the shed. I like to plant a collection of mints and allysum to scatter throughout the main lounging area outside. on humid summer nights, the soft scents of peppermint and honey provide even more ambiance to lazy stargazing sprinkled with storytelling. the anticipation of such nights had me imagining fireflies in broad daylight.

there is just something about the feel of rich soil in my hands. while the dirt made me feel childlike and playful, the act of planting young sprouts with the intent to nurture and grow was decidedly maternal. I needed both these things. I am lifted. I am grateful for garden.

I'd also like to thank my lovely planting assistant, luca. the project would have been successful, but humorless, without him.

{I finished life of pi yesterday. if you've read it, please chime in on which version of the story you believe. this is why I need a book club.}