Saturday, April 25, 2009

every day in may

I need a challenge. just a little something to nudge me to point that lens and write those words. back in february and november, I posted every day as part of nablopomo; I'm thinking I might try this again in may. the may theme isn't up yet but it's usually something pretty general and inspiring.

what about you? I'd love it if you'd join me. it's not easy, but it's also not the end of the world if you miss a day or two. I really like the way it stretches me to discover new and different ways to share.


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Posting each day? hmmm rather daunting - a commitment to self and others. I wonder if it would become a chore... or would it open my eyes to all of the little bits of life I usually skim over?

Of course sometimes creativity does need a little discipline and some of the best work is done while racing to a deadline.

Love this pic. What a riot of color!

erin said...

i love all of the patterns in this shot!

kendalee said...

I enjoyed it but found this really quite hard in February as I normally only post about 3 times a week. And I think there's something in me that just starts to kick against anything that has a should attached, even if I've imposed it. But I absolutely agree that it's good for providing a bit of stretching inspiration and focus so I'm willing to commit to at least 21 out of 31 days and to do more if I can... Not sure if this counts as commitment enough and acknowledge it's a bit of a wimp out but it's probably a more realistic balance for me between motivating and demotivating.

And I really look forward to seeing what you do. Your posts are always great, and one a day is an absolute treat from where I'm sitting!

christy said...

Whew! I don't think I'm up for posting every day again, but I was just thinking that I could use a color week. Wanna make one of your nablopomo May weeks a color week? Because unlike you...I have to be nudged (alright...shoved) into finding color with my camera lens.

Sandy K. said...

I love the sound of this challenge. How does it work? I went to the nablopomo site but didn't have a chance to read all the details. We blog on our site, yet it's connected to the master site? I also like a week of color as a theme. I'm game....I need to infuse my site with life and this would push me.