Monday, April 13, 2009

project gather and feast

it's only 9am and I'm on my second post. apparently, my energy has returned. oh, the wonders of the 3 1/2 day weekend!

so this is my dining room in progress. while simon's commentary is on point, it's actually mid-transformation. a year ago, the narci wall was covered with a delightful mustard frenchy-vintagey mural painted by my own artiste-in-residence. while I loved the mural, my style transitioned from shabby vintage and I now crave modern color and clean lines. so we stripped it bare and painted the walls a creamy putty color (the only walls in my home that are not saturated in color). they called out for curious photos and hence, the narci wall was born.

the old table was a painted round table that will now live on the patio. again, the hubs=amazing. the chairs were mismatched swirly wrought iron (very uncomfortable). I wanted eclectic mid-century modern. I found these chairs at a vintage shop in charlottesville. I have the fabric to recover, but have yet to begin that task because it requires some (gasp!) sewing on my part. the beautiful espresso table is my most recent love from west elm.

sitting in the corner with the bolt of fabric is a large moroccan lantern, waiting to be hung over the table. once the chairs are covered and the lantern hung, the only other change I want to make is the huge window (off to the right in this photo) that overlooks the forest and positively absorbs morning sun but is old (and not in a good way) and painted shut. I'd like to replace it with old casement windows (clear) that swing open into the wild fresh air. {I imagine the scent from the honeysuckle and jasmine in the backyard gently wafting through these open windows as friends gather around the table for nightly chats and much drinking of wine.}

now that I've posted this, I'm hoping it will motivate me to get off my ass and complete some of these projects so I'll be able to share the results with you. join me on my journey and come sit with me when simon says "fini!".