Thursday, April 30, 2009

not quite may

so here's the thing: I was trying to save up images and thoughts for may, because you know there are 31 days to post in may and I don't just want to throw something up here (wow. that's a lot of days.). I can't seem to not post, especially when I tell myself to hold off. maybe you've noticed I'm not a "hold off" kind of girl. so here I am, compulsively posting the image I was saving for five senses friday, which I believe is tomorrow. you, my friends, are my flame.

I am very excited about this I believe. I was thinking we could post our masterpieces on the same day. how about may 30th? I love may 30th. mia's birthday. it's a good day. that gives us a month to think and ponder and observe and form the beauty. if you're in, let me know in the comments so I can include a blog roll before the date. I love the idea of us and everyone else being able to go from blog to blog reading these beautiful words. there is so much talent out there. I am ready to be blown away.