Thursday, April 30, 2009

not quite may

so here's the thing: I was trying to save up images and thoughts for may, because you know there are 31 days to post in may and I don't just want to throw something up here (wow. that's a lot of days.). I can't seem to not post, especially when I tell myself to hold off. maybe you've noticed I'm not a "hold off" kind of girl. so here I am, compulsively posting the image I was saving for five senses friday, which I believe is tomorrow. you, my friends, are my flame.

I am very excited about this I believe. I was thinking we could post our masterpieces on the same day. how about may 30th? I love may 30th. mia's birthday. it's a good day. that gives us a month to think and ponder and observe and form the beauty. if you're in, let me know in the comments so I can include a blog roll before the date. I love the idea of us and everyone else being able to go from blog to blog reading these beautiful words. there is so much talent out there. I am ready to be blown away.


alteredstatesstudio said...

Thanks for not "holding off..." The image is spectacular- I love the background, and the image is so clear, it makes you feel like you can reach out and grab its wings like you did as a kid.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Love your butterfly and dreamy background. Glad you shared it today. I can relate - I too can never 'hold off'!

Keep nudging about the May 30 post - I'll be on a plane to my biggest show of the year, but perhaps that is a good time to reflect...

kendalee said...

Gorgeous moth and I love that you are not a "hold off" kind of girl! Great idea to build up to and synchronize, posting this I believe. I'll sign up to doing so on Mia's Birthday - a good date indeed... Also can't wait to see people's thoughts.

Thank you for showing the way and giving some structure to this whole endeavour. I'd otherwise just be wafting around aimlessly thinking "31 days! 31 days!" in a rather panicky way!

Heather, said...

this i believe...i will join in on may 30th!

oh, and holding off, meh.

glad you didn't ~ lovely loveliness.

Sandy K. said...

I am glad to be part of this adventure, so I will begin composing ...this I believe. May is the perfect month to air oust the moths from our winterized brains and think fresh and lovely thoughts.

How does the "get together" work?