Monday, April 13, 2009

imagine the girl

who has a place in her heart for a pair of shoes. and not just any shoes. these shoes arrived from a faraway land. cradled in sparkly color and stars for their journey, they were met with a huge welcoming grin and a heart bursting with friendship at their destination.

they are unique, these shoes. not meant for your average girl. with their heart-shaped toes and fanciful patchwork, they were dreamt for girls who love color and words and curiosity. they are the shoes of gypsies, dancers, poets, wanderers, girls who wear flowers in their hair. they evoke happiness with their little rainbows on the heels.

these shoes are electric with wanderlust. they are moved to find their whimsical sister pair so that the shoes can stand beside each other, for while these shoes revel in their individuality, they have a deep understanding of the value of connection and belonging.

they are magical rainbow friendship shoes. and I love them.