Sunday, April 12, 2009

hi peeps

if you are celebrating passover or easter (or both!) or just basking in the glory of spring, I wish you a beautiful time of it.
thank you, thank you for your kind words of support yesterday. in case you're interested, I did a little research on the things that keep you in a funk and the things that can pull you out:
things that keep you in a funk
  • throwing temper tantrums because "everything" is broken (really, it is just my printer, but I had to be dramatic).
  • thinking about cleaning, but not doing it.
  • making the decision that because nothing is pleasant, I "might as well do work".
  • going to the supermarket on the saturday before easter. why is everyone so freakin' happy and chatty and IN MY WAY?

things that pull you out of a funk

  • beautiful words and images from friends and blogs and especially this one (she has a gift for knowing just the right words, that one).
  • a five-hour long nap (I think I've mistaken actual exhaustion for a funk).
  • a carload of red and purple azaleas.
  • homemade pizza.
  • cleaning with dr. bronner's peppermint soap.

p.s. I didn't post it yesterday but we saw david sedaris on friday night. if you get the opportunity, go see him, it's a great time. he reads his stories like only he can do. see, I was in such a down mood yesterday, that I almost forgot about this!