Saturday, May 23, 2009

at the edge of summer

{ first of all, I have to say another wow! to color week. I had a blast! thank you all. christy, feel free to inspire me anytime!}

can you believe it's memorial day weekend already? culturally in the u.s., this place in time marks the beginning of the summer season. tell me what plans you have!

I'm hoping that my summer can be described in one word: lazy. plans for a trip to the u.k. are postponed to 2010, so there are no big journeys (which sadly always cause me more anxiety than's the whole planning thing). so you won't find me in an airport for the next few months. I'm staying close to home with plans to begin (and finish! dear god girl!) projects around the house and garden, take a photography class and a few cooking classes, wreck a journal, and hit the gym. other than that, it's all sunshine and reading and daydreaming and exploring. (oh yeah, and work.)

have a super weekend! I hope it's filled with play and picnics and much laughter.