Wednesday, May 27, 2009

la vida local

when we first moved to this little southern city nearly eight years ago, we fell in love with the green hills and blue skies. there were cute little cafes and other local restaurants so we swore off the olive gardens of the world for local cuisine. sadly, the shopping scene was not so abundant. in the past eight years though, new shops have opened that beg me to spend some of my money locally. I still do most of my clothes/shoes/handbags and interiors shopping out of town or online. but since I don't want things to go back to the dismal state they were in eight years ago here, I've been trying to spend more money locally.

neighborhood shops like folk (like a baby anthropologie), culina and the farm basket make it easy for me. there are also great garden shops and even a little local hardware store a few blocks away (we still have to go to lowe's for the big stuff). but I'm still pulled to target and old navy for cheap stuff and to nordstrom and anthropologie (both out of town) for the really, really good loot. still, I'm doing a good bit to support my homies. go here and find out just what this could mean for your own town. that's what I'm shooting for in june: 3/50.