Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I don't get it

{danbo image from djcopeman}
I do my best to stay positive in this space, but sometimes I have to let loose and vent. minor irritations can become pervasive with me and I can't focus on the sweet. and sometimes, I just need to be contrary. here is a list of things I don't really care for that others can't seem to get enough of:
  1. rachel ray.
  2. and all associated colliquialisms ("evoo", "yummo", "rach"). there is enough time to say the entire word correctly.
  3. telephones.
  4. brown rice. it tastes like dirt to me.
  5. twitter. I was first made aware of this scary thing the day after seeing r.e.m. last summer. I went on the band website and the twitter stream from the night before was still up. I perused the tweets posted during the concert: "it's hot." "stipe just did the robot." really? were you not at the same concert I was? you were able to incessantly make mundane comments during that experience? wow. plus, being "followed" is strange to me and really no one needs to know when I'm going to step in the shower. and I tend to resist most bandwagons.
  6. the danbo obsession on flickr. although he has been up there staring at me as I write this post and I guess he is kind of sweet with his square head and all.

I feel better now. thanks and feel free to convince me otherwise.