Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the rules of the game

when I shot this photo, I imagined a sweet little post about lazy saturday afternoons spent playing bocce in my bare feet. the thunderstorm of work this week has made that seem so very far away. therefore, (please bear with me) another vent.

I deal a lot with attorneys and other legal professionals at work in the child abuse field. I have deep regard for the law and the rights we are awarded in this nation. I have reverence for the system of law in place and I still get that heavy proud feeling when I enter a court of law. I value the rights of a family and privacy and parents to make decisions for their own children. until their children are hurt intentionally.

I wonder how the rules changed. is it where I live? are there remnants of good-old-boy law here? I am frustrated with those who feel their job is to take the truth, deconstruct and distort it and rebuild it into something that serves the purpose of their client. a man takes my observations (my reality) and turns it into something deceitful and construed for my own selfish purposes (although they can't really explain how I am personally being served by this other than my wicked desire to mess with other people's lives). is this what legal representation is meant to do? is it meant to protect rights or protect those who hurt children?

huge changes need to happen. I'm trying to decide if I am up for the fight.