Saturday, May 16, 2009


I haven't been much of a beach girl as an adult. because that's pretty much all I did all summer in my youth, my tastes for how to spend leisure time changed. but lately, I can't get the beach out of my head and I am longing for some serious sand time. accoutrement:
  • when I saw this green paisley bikini at old navy, plans were set in motion for a trip to the coast, any coast.
  • toes will be painted mermaid blue.
  • I have very salient scent memories of the beach, a huge part of that is bain de soleil orange gelee (I'll have to slather on real sunscreen underneath. spf 4? how do I not have skin cancer?).
  • I can't wait to sink into the sand on this mosaic towel.
  • and slip on these sunglasses.
  • the sandals. okay, let me tell you about the sandals because I'm feeling a bit guilty. normally, I would not spend this kind of money on a pair of sandals. but you see, I've been looking for green jewelled flat sandals, going on five years now. I saw them in a magazine yesterday, immediately went online and made them mine. I continue to justify the purchase as a reward for working two jobs from january to may. (and I plan on taking my lunch to work for the rest of the month.)
  • the sand pail is necessary for making of castles and collecting of shells.
  • music is also required. but I am leaving my iphone behind. a vintage transistor radio is all I need. another sweet sensory beach memory is hearing the mish-mash of music coming from each towel, intermingled with laughter and waves. one of my favorite sounds ever.
  • please come and join me! I'll be under the rainbow umbrella.