Friday, May 22, 2009


it's interesting that I count purple as one of my favorite colors, but it is the most challenging for me to find in my life. I love this purple flower box at my favorite spot for lunch.

my favorite in the purple color range: fig (this is from last summer...isn't it just luscious?).

the punch of purple here is just what this yarn needs to keep it from looking too autumny (from the fibre festival last weekend).

what smells like cafe con leche, tastes like tostones and sounds like a happy neighborhood bodega? my favorite cuban cafe, kuba kuba.

wispy lavender blooms against the aged brick look so french.

this is me, smiling a big smile (my lips are painted plum, although they really don't look very plummy next to all the other purple). thank you everyone for participating, sharing, commenting, looking and loving color week. it really was a little daily voyage around our beautiful colorful world.
let's do it again very soon.