Sunday, April 13, 2008

read. this. book.

this is an amazing story. I delayed reading this for months. after a decade of interviewing and advocating for children experiencing abuse, I really thought I had heard and read it all. I was so wrong.

so many histories of childhood sexual abuse are filled with oh-woe-is-me malaise and paralysis. as a cog in the system machine (and it is indeed an antiquated, sluggish, flawed machine), I often felt relegated to the obligatory task of gathering enough viable information to provide just enough protection so that a child and family merely survives. I didn't see a lot of actual living taking place after the intervention. true healing was essentially non-existent. mia and claire provide real emotion, hope, deep understanding and no-holds-barred accountability (not just for the abuser).
I took away so, so many lessons to apply at work. the personal bonus for me was the lesson about control. thanks claire.