Tuesday, January 20, 2009

curious girl is one

hello curious friends and thank you for coming to my birthday party. my heart is swollen with gratitude for all the gifts you have given me over the past year: inspiration, support, laughs, beauty, words that make me think, images that make me swoon, friendships that transcend proximity. you have joined me in this space that demands I be who I am and encourages me to grow, risk, play and celebrate the good. a year ago, I really didn't know if anyone would show up. I didn't even know what to write. now I can't seem to stop. thank you for that.

it's time for a giveaway! I wish I could give a gift to each and every one of you. I knew I wanted to have a giveaway on my blog birthday, but I wasn't sure what to give. then I remembered to just be me and give what I would give a close friend, something that brings some comfort and a little luxury. this little (well, actually it's kind of big) box has a few things I discovered through this last lovely year that have become favorites of mine. I am certain you will like them too.

here's the goods (just for you):
  • the true & the questions, by the beautiful sabrina ward harrison and

  • adele's "19", to listen to you while you ponder and write and

  • a big tin of paris tea sachets, the taste and scent is dreamy (just enough to get you hooked) and

  • the perfect mug handmade by this artist; the size and shape fit your hand perfectly and

  • capri fig frangipani candle by voluspa (the mack-daddy 3-wick) to softly scent your world and

  • butterfly and little bird matchboxes to light said candle or a cozy fire and

  • a pot of smith's minted rose lip balm, just 'cause a girl (or boy!) needs soft lips and

  • your choice from my etsy shop: one 8x10 print matted to 11x14.

leave a comment before friday, january 23, 2009 10:00pm est to be eligible for the giveaway. a drawing will be conducted old-school (one number from a hat) and the gift recipient will be announced on saturday.

curious girl is curiously happy and it's all because of you.