Friday, January 9, 2009

um...chapter one

I have had WAY too much caffeine today. I was here and then bounced over here. I was all "wow! that's awesome!" and quickly added my name to the blogroll before really knowing what I was doing.

but that's me: enthusiastic and impulsive.

I backed up a bit and realized that this was actually a blog study group for the book, 12 secrets of highly creative women. oops. I don't have that book. so anyway, I read the post and listened to the interview with this lovely one. the first chapter is "acknowledging your creative self". I'm supposed to post about that.

well, there you go, I just demonstrated it. lola in all her glory. I see something bright and shiny. I don't wait for the rules. I want to be a part of it and experience it. hold it, play with it, share it. I jump right in.

it used to be that my understanding of an "artist" or a creative type was one of pure white gauzy skirts, a totally relaxed zen demeanor, and a careful, deliberate contemplation of the creative process and exploration of the possible manifestations. this is so not me.

this is me (these words, these impulses, these colors) and I accept that my creative self is different than how I perceived it should be most of my life.

I am quite certain that my post is not following the rules. I will hunt for the book tomorrow and revisit this post if I need to add on. from looking at the other posts, I think it has something to do with making a list of how I am going to acknowledge my creative self. I like to make and read lists. this will be fun.