Saturday, January 24, 2009

fascination street

this week's chapter in the 12 secrets of highly creative women is about following your fascinations and taking courageous risks.

in a divine moment of sparkly kismet, I was reading the pages and reflecting on decisions and actions I have recently made that put me outside my comfort zone when I received a brilliant piece of goodness in the mail. several months ago, on a complete and total whim (or what the author calls an 'impulsive risk'--my specialty), I submitted work to the lovely quarterly artful blogging. I was utterly surprised (and scared!) when my blog was selected for the spring issue. then for months, I doubted that it was real. well, it's real. proof is here right in front of me with the advance issue the publisher sent me (the issue is available in february).

and here I am, totally over the moon. and feeling vulnerable at the same time. because it's not just pretty pictures. there are words. lots of them. about me. yikes. and so the second-guessing begins: do I deserve to be in such good and brilliant company? what was I thinking? what the @#$% is wrong with you, curious girl?

our host jamie challenges us this week to take a brave step toward our dreams. my brave step is to silence the doubts and love what is.

and take one more brave step on fascination street.