Friday, January 30, 2009

cycle through

this post is kind of half 12 secrets of highly creative women and half where-I'm-at-right-now.

first the book: you may know that I'm reading and posting about the book in conjunction with a group of amazing creative bloggers. this week's chapter is called surrendering to creative cycles and is about the peaks and valleys of creativity. in life, I've learned my lesson about seasons and growth spurts and resting and changing. for me it's always a matter of inspiration versus inertia. I've never been totally devoid of creativity at all levels as described in the book. I think it's because I define creativity pretty broadly. it isn't always about producing. thinking and mulling and listening and piddling are creative. if these are indeed the "voids", then I handle and accept the voids pretty well. I am always seeking more and different inspiration and when inertia hits, I use the time to explore another venue for creativity. for example, when I'm bored with my camera, I naturally gravitate toward creativity at work or in my relationships.

next, the where-I'm-at-right-now: this week I declare that I am sick, sick, sick of the southern tendency (well, it's everywhere, but clearly more accepted and widespread in the south) to value niceness above the truth. I am an outsider here in this little southern town and am constantly amazed at the adeptness of some to spew lies through a smile as sugary as sweet tea. it's been difficult this week to speak the truth. and there will be consequences for doing so.

s. (my cohort and fellow high-falootin' california truthteller) and I feel abandoned and rejected and betrayed. it's been a hard week. we have supported each other and vow to continue to do what we can to remain honest and direct. tomorrow, we are going to see milk, to get some inspiration from another outsider who faced challenges so much larger than ours.

this line happened to be in the chapter I was reading last night in another book:

"artists have a responsibility to show others how to live truthfully."