Sunday, January 11, 2009

light at the end of the week

the first full week of 2009 was pretty decent. amidst bad-but-not-as-bad-as-we-thought-it-was-going-to-be budget news at work, the infamous passport fiasco, and cold stormy weather, things were relatively calm and filled with graceful moments of joy.

the travel gods are good and smiling on me: I was able to obtain the "appropriate" birth certificate within a very short time, bypassing the anticipated 14 week processing time. the passport has been requested (complete with weird serious photo of non-smiling me) and the very friendly clerk informed me they are arriving in less than three weeks. wow. I can now resume my giddy internet search for fun and quirky things to do in london and dublin.

last week I committed to creating a vision board, inspired by this beauty. I found it strange that I kept putting it off during the week, even with ample down time. I am a huge fan and supporter of cutting and pasting and collaging; just ask my poor staff, who have been made to sit around a table with me surrounded by old magazines, scissors and glitter glue to create a vision board of who we want to be at work (which are awesome!). I finally made myself do it friday evening, then realized that ken had made a recent trip to the recycling center and I had a total of four magazines available to look through (which were new and I had to read first). I ripped out pages that instinctively appealed to me. it felt kind of dull as I cut and pasted the images and words. then the vision emerged:

a strong theme of home, learning, creating, boldness, uniqueness. completely and honestly reflecting the vision in my heart and mind.

this week I instinctively and impulsively became involved with a book group (hey! it's on the list!) which I am increasingly excited about.

and I am so thrilled (literally, I am a bit buzzy about it) that I am lucky enough to attend the squam art workshop this fall. I hope to meet some of you there. can you just see it? laughter and story-sharing around the campfire on golden pond (I think squam lake is the real golden pond), paint-stained fingers, voices hoarse from so much talking and laughing, our spirits joining in a different kind of friendship (the old-school in-person kind).


this week:

once the book arrives, catch up on chapter one and post assignment proper if needed.

get creative at work, getting it done with less and keeping what we've got ('cause there's no replacing!).

even though christy doesn't go to my gym, her guerrilla art mojo is motivating me to come on and do it already. thanks christy.