Thursday, January 8, 2009


it doesn't happen very often, this quiet, solitude-loving vibe I'm grooving this week. the voices at work are especially loud and contrary and nothing is better than the decompression that occurs when I walk through the door at home.

sometimes I think the whole myers-briggs thing got me all wrong and I'm really an introvert at heart (have tested my whole life as ENTJ). come to think of it, I have always done the test in a school or work environment. I wonder what the results would be if I took it on a sunday afternoon? do you know your myers-briggs type?

anyway, words escape me and my camera sits still. but I missed you guys, so wanted to pop in.

by the way: apparently if you have some money, you can bypass the entire 14-week processing time for a certified birth certificate. mine came from california to virginia within 24 hours. I'd like to say that I know some peeps, but really it was just good old jumping-the-line-with-some-green. the social worker in me is having some cognitive dissonance about this. but the explorer, she is one happy girl.

p.s. my pretty pink ring is from cookoorikoo.