Friday, January 16, 2009


thank you, beautiful leya, for having color week! it's been so very fun and especially because you let us pick stripes or plaid of any color combination for friday. I can't wait to take a chunk of time this weekend and really marvel at all the participants' colorful weeks.

so today I was hoping to wear my rainbow striped socks, but they are thin and it is frigid cold outside. I love rainbow stripes. as an adolescent, the very first time I had a substantial bit of my own spending money from babysitting, I bought the wamsutta rainbow comforter and shams (anyone remember these? the rainbow went up each side of the bed and the top curve was on the pillows?) I loved that bed.

I'm feeling like I should have purchased these thick rainbow arm warmers from the outdoor market. I could use them today.

my office at work is very colorful. including multiple objects with rainbow stripes.

I am seriously addicted.

and I am at peace with my addiction.