Saturday, January 3, 2009


it's me. I am so glad you're here. it's a new day and a new opportunity to get a handle on my sour mood. visiting your lovely spaces does wonders for me. thank you for creating them and welcoming me to poke around in your beautiful lives, lurk, stay quiet or join in the discussion.

earlier this week, I was tagged by the lovely cheryl at cottage farm villa to post six random things about me. random, indeed:
  1. I am totally addicted to iron chef america and the amazing race; two of the most anxiety-inducing shows on television. way to relax, curious girl.
  2. I once seriously considered (and trained for) a career in fashion design.
  3. I can be pretty ruthless when I need to be. I give people a lot of room for mistakes and am understanding of limitations and setbacks, but when that line is crossed, it’s over. ruthlessly over.
  4. I have very weird, lucid and recurring dreams. here are a few regulars (and I am fascinated with dream analysis, so have a go):
    *there is a typewriter at the bottom of the “screen” typing out the “script” like closed-captioned television.
    *the little man (1” tall) is sometimes in my mouth getting noshed around while I talk away; sometimes he quietly rides on my shoulder throughout the dream; other times he is a featured player in a story, often someone who I am assigned to protect.
    *I drive a luge/soapbox derby-type vehicle on the los angeles freeway. it is basically a wood plank with wheels and steering is clumsily accomplished by a rope. there are no brakes. sometimes I am naked. sometimes the little man rides with me. (I look forward to the incorporation of the poncho made of stars here; I think it would look fabulous on me while I drive my scary luge.) *I live in the deserted montgomery wards department store of my childhood. there is no electricity and I often sit on the quiet escalators and ponder life.
  5. I am so annoyed by the telephone. the ring hurts my ears and I don’t like the way voices sound on it. the feel of it in my hand is awkward and it’s gross how it gets all germy. even if I don’t answer, it bothers me that anyone can enter my space at any time. I am confused by the whole 24/7 cellphone-text connection; especially when I see two friends spending time together and one of them is on the phone with someone else. really, do we need to be this connected (or disconnected?) all the time?
  6. I learned a complete hula to mele kalikimaka in the sixth grade for an international christmas program and can perform it on demand to this day.

I am the worst tagger ever. I can't seem to follow the rules and want to tag everyone. so, there it is, you are tagged. I want to know six random things about you.