Thursday, November 6, 2008

brand new day

remember that chapter in harry potter when "he who must not be named" was gone and all the magic people could come out in their happiness and fine, colorful clothes? that's how it felt to me yesterday.

there was an open, authentic feeling of togetherness in my workplace and community. most people were excited and hopeful for the future. smiles were bigger. words were kinder. the shared energy between people practically sparkled.

we are not so unrealistic to think this happy haze will last. we know there are tough times ahead. but it's so much nicer to get down to the business of life when you are on a new page of the book. the story yet untold, but sure to be remarkable.

this photo was shot on the sidewalk outside my office, looking toward the james river. I can't believe I got a rainbow, a flag and gorgeous autumn color in one frame.

that's the kind of day it was. and is.