Thursday, November 20, 2008

happy thursday

the happy part of business trips, which are usually to richmond, is a stroll through carytown (it's really just cary street, but called carytown). this is my favorite type of shopping: an older district where vintage stores have been lovingly restored and filled with goodies.

my absolute favorite is world of mirth.

the shop is a bonafide toy shop, but has many, many wares that appeal to the childish spirit of adults. (my head was too big for these heart-shaped glasses.) there are also funky gifty items, everything from recycled bags to a jesus bobblehead.

I love that world of mirth was imagined to be a whimsical, colorful escape from the real world. there is a sad story behind the little genius who created it (and it's a really tragic story, so don't click over if you are not ready to shed some tears), but the little shop's drive to keep spreading the happy dream persevered. and we are grateful.
I took the blue one home with me. I liked the sparks that came out of his head. he was just a wee bit more committed to his sparking responsibilities than the others.

so I discovered that late afternoon really is a good time to visit a toy store. it was practically deserted and I could play without having to boggart the bike-riding duck from a first grader. although I have to say that the gleeful laughter of children really completes the experience.

if you are ever in the richmond, virginia area, you must spend some time at this happy, happy place.