Saturday, November 1, 2008

weekend goodness

I am fascinated with dia de los muertos. growing up in california, I sat on the sidelines (happily munching warm homemade tortillas) and observed my mexican friends creating beautiful alters that welcomed back dearly departed souls on the first and second days of november.

my favorite story around the event has to be the monarch butterflies. in the west, the monarchs migrate around the same time as dia de los muertos. if you've never seen the migration in action, you should book a trip as it's one of the most spectacular things to behold. thousands upon thousands of monarchs flock to groves of trees and it appears as if the leaves are made of butterfly wings. mexican folklore tells us that the butterflies are the souls of our loved ones, returning briefly to say hello and all's well.

butterfly soul trees. that makes my heart smile.

this really has to be my favorite weekend of the year so far: dia de los muertos, an extra hour of sleep, gorgeous GORGEOUS weather, nothing on the agenda and a profound sense of hope that the world is about to become a way more beautiful place.

I hope yours is lovely and peaceful.