Monday, November 10, 2008

mosaic monday

I was delighted to learn that the mister and I get to spend some time in london and dublin come may. we will be scouting and planning for a 2010 theatre student trip and having a bit of a holiday to boot.

so, curious friends, I would be so very grateful for any travel tips, must-sees, must-dos, must-photographs and any other nuggets of u.k. fabulousness. I fancy a nice mix of the biggies (tate modern) and funky local stuff. and I'm totally fascinated by all things queen elizabeth (the fiery red-headed one).

we are hoping the u.s. dollar makes somewhat of a comeback in the next six months. the most recent copy of travel and leisure writes about "affordable" dining in several european cities. an "affordable" lunch for two in london is somewhere in the vicinity of $60. yikes.

this week's lovely mosaic is courtesy of these flickr folks.