Wednesday, November 19, 2008

happy wednesday

this guy makes me happy and I hope he makes you happy too.

he is a rather large (about 18" high) vintage tin toy ferris wheel. I cannot resist smiling when the little cars go 'round and the tiny little bell rings out its circus song. and that smile!

can you help me out with finding hercules here a function in the home other than pure play (not that there's anything wrong with that!)? my idea was to use him as a jewelry holder or key holder or something like that. I dreamed I would effortlessly place him in his perfect funky vintage juxtaposition on the vanity ala amelie or carrie bradshaw's clown table. it doesn't seem to be working. he just ends up looking like a big old toy in a modern setting. do you know the secret to doing this? if so, it would make me very, very happy indeed to know as well.

off to richmond today for two days of meetings and (I hope) a little carytown fun tonight.

be happy.