Friday, November 28, 2008

I so did not make this pie

I bought it. it is the result of the baking genius that is mrs. kroger.

but I did eat some of it. and I enjoyed making the rest of our little thanskgiving feast. I admire those who have the patience and talent to bake. I resist baking because of its exactness, its science, its potential for failure. cooking is just more fluid, with room for improvisation.

my husband wishes I baked more (the photo above serves as a bit of homemaker porn for him, especially with the apron; a smear of flour on my face and it would have been all over.). he loves desserts of all kinds. I can manage a killer chocolate chip cookie and a cupcake here and there, but I have a little ptsd connected to other baking disasters.

my interest in improving my baking skill is growing, ever so slowly. having a peek every now and then at the lovely blog bread & honey sparks the fire; there is just something so grounding about the process.

I'm thinking that baking will be on the birthday list in some form (coming next week).


in the spirit of black friday, everything in my etsy shop is on sale.