Saturday, November 22, 2008

happy saturday

I am a believer that what you put out there supports, moves and penetrates your life. I try to choose positive energy, but I'm not always successful. for me, happy week was proof that if you contribute and take in happiness and goodness and forward intention, the good mojo permeates and spreads. thank you all for your words and images, they stayed with me through the week and kept me smiling. I am forever amazed that the simplest things bring us happiness and that there is a common thread of the everyday in each of our posts. which only means that happiness is always there. a choice.

I choose happiness: manifested this week in a beautiful jewel; jumping for joy; friends, food and travel; an amazing journey; a fairy-tale little one and that carousel, oh that carousel.

so, you may be wondering about the big blue S...well, lovely ms. aubrey is handing out assignments to list 10 things you like (or that make you happy) that all begin with the same letter. she chose the letter S for me. super!

  1. scents. currently loving this one and this one and this one.
  2. smiley face cookies from smith's bakery.
  3. scottish accents.
  4. good old-fashioned sass.
  5. sunset magazine is a little piece of california in my mailbox every month.
  6. saturdays & sundays.
  7. scooters!
  8. the smiths. and every other band that transports me back to my youth, dancing on a crowded dance floor like nobody's business.
  9. shopping.
  10. stories. love hearing and reading them and wish I was more skilled at telling them.

happy weekend happy people!