Saturday, November 8, 2008

have a look at the flickr group, a message for obama. I spent some time yesterday reading all the little notes of hope, support, disagreement and occassional weirdness. I decided to write a note of my own. I wanted it to be catchy and profound and to reflect this renewed sense of american-ness I'm feeling. no go. my brain just kept asking, simply, how can I help?

here's my starter list:
  1. continue to be diligent about using my reusable grocery bags all the time, even at the drug store and target (I have to admit, it's hard to give up the boutique and anthropologie bags) and commit to another environmental practice that pushes me out of the plain home-recycler category.
  2. volunteer (which means stop being so selfish with my time).
  3. stimulate the economy by purchasing this coat and this dining room table.
  4. teach.
  5. have some empathy for those who don't feel the hope. I know this feeling. I lived with it for eight years. it's awful. I will do my best to be sensitive. (update: already failed.)
  6. continue to guarantee that the tiny little part of the government that I have some control over (my unit) will operate with compassion, respect for the rights of children and parents, financial stewardship and efficiency.