Thursday, November 13, 2008

I think

I like orange roses the best.

these are sitting on the little conference table in my office. I brought them in to brighten our work space. in my real life, I supervise a team of investigators and social workers who do child protection work. I know what they see day in and day out...I did it myself for years. I try to bring a little color and beauty to the office to balance the dismal scenes they absorb throughout the week.

the roses sit there between us as we speak of the unspeakable: the broken babies, the struggling mothers, the drugs, the anger, the fear, the unloved. the roses sit there, but their beauty can't mitigate the ugliness of the words swirling around their flowery obliviousness.

then I look across the table and see the real beauties: women and men who choose this work that not many want and commit to do it with fairness and compassion; who save children and families with equal commitment, who worry about those we couldn't help.

they are beautiful and I am blessed to know them.