Tuesday, November 18, 2008

happy tuesday

is it "cup of kindness" or "cup of cheer" in auld lang syne?

a friend and I are having a disagreement about the lyrics to this iconic song. either way, it's a cup of happiness. and what a lovely thing to disagree on.

this image was shot for our christmas postcards. it makes me so very happy.

a cup of tea, yogi tea to be exact, is just what we need this week. we're both battling killer colds. when I get sick, I tend to become childlike and vulnerable and in need of comfort. before you click away and never come back, one more sick revealing thing about me: I call my tea "yogi and boo-boo" (yogi tea and honey bear, get it?). I hope you come back. I'm not sick very often. and I promise never to speak of this again.

anyway, yogi tea really is the best cure. before bed, you can mix the cold season tea and the kava stress relief tea for a potent, weird dream-inducing and totally restorative sleep.

yogi and boo-boo make me happy.

AND the happy network makes me happiest of all!

have a visit and enjoy these happy lovelies throughout the week. I'm so glad they joined in:

kendalee shows us her glorious Home.

lynne introduces us to lovely jewel.

munted kowhai has beautiful artwork and a photo tour of seattle.

linda sue makes me smile with tiny hats and wee-ones' art.

and heather is taking us to a happy place.

happy week is the best! it really is like a little network of happiness spanning the globe.

it's not too late if you would like to post happiness, let us know in the comments.